I'm Levi Wong. My Chinese name is 黄磊, pronounced as huang lei in Mandarin. Levi comes from my given name Lei. By the way, Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan is my favorite character. Wong is the Cantonese pronunciation of 黄. I don't speak Cantonese, but I think this version is easier for non-Chinese speakers to pronounce.

I taught myself programming and made it my career a few years ago. Currently, I'm working remotely for a blockchain startup; previously, I worked for Alipay. Before I became a programmer, I was a content marketing specialist at a sales company.

I program in JavaScript daily, but I'm not very enthusiastic about this language anymore. Although it has some really good features, the ecosystem forces you to adapt to the lesser part of the language. Recently I'm toying with Racket and Clojure.

My personality type is INFJ-A, which is said to be the rarest personality type in the world. Jon Snow is of the same type as mine, by the way.

Being born and living in an authoritarian state, I care deeply about human rights and social justice. The progressive ideas were often ridiculed as being radical and unrealistic, but the tide is turning globally. I'm proud to be part of the resistance.

I don't feel like a true Chinese. I've lost my national identity a long time ago, as a result of burning anger toward the oppression and humiliation from the state. I identify myself as a global citizen. I know this idea is under attack from many fronts worldwide, I believe there's hope as the young generation is awakening. The liberal cosmopolitanism ideal advocated by Immanuel Kant is always worth fighting for if we dream of an open, just, and humane future.